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Sickle Cell Institute Chhattisgarh (SCIC), Raipur .

The Department of Molecular Genetics will be devoted to exploring problems in genetics, cell biology and developmental biology using plant and animal viruses, fungi, plants, worms, insects, amphibia, mice and humans as model organisms. Department will represent a diverse group of researchers and teachers who are striving to understand fundamental issues in biology. Students in this department will develop the essential skills and knowledge that will enable them to tackle future exciting problems in molecular biology.

The department of Molecular Genetics will focus on molecular and genetic mechanisms underlying basic biological processes occurring either in the context of the entire organism or at the level of single cells viz., human genetic disorders, embryonic development, protein trafficking, programmed cell death and cancer, virus-host interactions, cytokines and their receptors, and the olfactory system. Bioinformatics and computational biology approaches will be used to address issues which relate to structure & organization of genes, as well as quantitative assessments and modeling of molecular networks underlying biological processes.